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Friday, 12 February 2016

Manali - Suitable Environment for Paragliding Activity

Paragliding in Manali is a fabulous adventurous sport that is full of joy and wonder. Manali is queen of hill station that facilitates so many types of fun in the form of adventurous sports. Sports like River rafting, Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Trekking and Paragliding etc. all these sports are full of adventure feeling but Paragliding is amazing one with some technical knowledge. One should have zeal and passion to fly high to enjoy this sport.  Manali is spot of this activity because it has great picturesque in terms of natural beauty like; Mountains, Hills, lakes, river and green and fresh surrounding that make a suitable environment for Paragliding activity. You must have healthy position of your heart and breathe to enjoy Paragliding in Manali.

There are three types of Paragliding flights are described below:

1.   Tandem Joyride: It only played at Solang.
2.   Medium Tandem: it is played in Himachal zone.
3.   High Fly: In Himachal zone.

     Paragliding sport is not an easy game and one should have adopted some safety-measurement also to do this fun are as follows:

1.   It is advisable to bring along rough trousers-ankle support shoes and woolen clothing in term of shirts, trousers, gloves, mufflers, cap etc.
2.   You must have travel agent assured Para glider Pilot because it has risk to fly high with un-experienced one. It is recommended that you must hire an experienced Para glider pilot to enjoy this sport.
3.   You must have health certificate in terms of your healthy heart and breathe to enjoy this fun.
4.   Please consult your Doctor if you have any hereditary history of epilepsy, heart-complaints or any other serious medical ailments.
5.   Instructor of Paragliding activity should be able to determine the weather condition that it is suitable or not for Paragliding.
6.   In case of any mishap or accident, organization will not be held responsible.
If you are all set to enjoy the thrilling sport of Paragliding with an experienced Pilot in Manali then switch to Manali and enjoy the magical moment of Paragliding in Manali.