Friday, 23 September 2016

Joyful and Adventurous Camping in Kasol

Camping in Kasol is an amazing experience with Manali deals that offers you the best facilities to make a heavenly experience in such a small city of Himachal Pradesh that is very near to Manikaran. Kasol is a small town of Himachal Pradesh is a well-known destination for camping because this place best defines the nature-camping due to the attraction of Parvati River that is on the back side of the town facilitates the fun of boating and fishing too. Manikaran is just 5 km from the Kasol is also coming under a fabulous site due to their religious attraction for Both Hindus and Sikhs pilgrims river Parvati touches both town and this river is dedicated to Maa Parvati, Hindus Goddess and also weigh as a sacred destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Why Camping in Kasol is fabulous and wonderful is described below in the given point of natural attractions as follows:-

1.      Natural touch of wonder: Camping in Kasol explains the natural touch of wonder with the streams of River Parvati that makes the surrounding cool and wonderful for camping. Here you can enjoy the fun of fishing and bonfire in evening that doubles your joy with camping in Kasol. Twinkle light with cool surroundings and fun of bonfire spark is just awesome and no need to describe in texting. Enjoy this winter by having Camping in Kasol with us and touch the nature that re-juvenile your body & Mind.

2.      Great facilities & Amenities of Camping: We are offering you great food with nice camps to stay in Kasol during your camping in Kasol. We are having all the needed facilities that you will look for during your camping fun in Kasol. We arrange the special packages for children and women who want to stay safe and secured during their camping in Kasol.

So; if you wish to have an adventurous journey in Himachal, then come and join the Camping in Kasol.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sound of Rivers’ Stream at Kasol

Camping in Kasol taken as an awesome camp in Himachal Pradesh and has effect of natural beauty in terms of River Parvati attraction that presents the cool and refreshing atmosphere in Kasol. You will have a refreshing camp in Kasol with food/drinks with beach beauty and rhythm of river Parvati that makes your Camping a special one. it is the best camping experience in Himachal Pradesh with Manali deals that offer you a great and cheap tour package in Himachal Pradesh that suit you best in your budget and itinerary needs.

Why should you go for Camping in Himachal Pradesh to experience the best instants of camping in Kasol are described below in the given points of descriptions are as follows:-

1.      A Great Gateway Location: Kasol is located in the lap of mountains overlooking the Himalayas. The water of river Parvati is freaking cold at night and you can enjoy the bonfire near the stream of the river Parvati with sound of river flows that gives you a feel of heavenly touch in the camping in Kasol. Kasol is a must visit place for those people who is interested in the camping with wild stuff. It’s chilling at night since the very next to the river, but the facilities provided by us makes your Camping a wonderful one with great facilities of bonfire and spicy food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian with camping in Kasol.

2.      Visit the Parvati Valley & Hot Springs at Manikaran: Make a leisurely start as it is only a 65km (2-3 hour) drive each way. If you haven’t been up to Bijli Mahadev, you may want to start the morning on with a pious note! This would actually be a good way to do it a morning is the best time for views. After descending from your aerie at Naggar, instead of crossing the river you follow the road along its West bank for around 30km to Bhuntar. At Bhuntar, turn left on the one and only road leading to Kasol and Manikaran and being your ascent up this picturesque valley with its terraced paddy fields, thick forests and snowy mountains that loom at the valley head.

In the nutshell we can say that if really want to have an experience of natural camping, then come and join the Himachal camping with Camping in Kasol