Friday, 12 February 2016

Manali - Suitable Environment for Paragliding Activity

Paragliding in Manali is a fabulous adventurous sport that is full of joy and wonder. Manali is queen of hill station that facilitates so many types of fun in the form of adventurous sports. Sports like River rafting, Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Trekking and Paragliding etc. all these sports are full of adventure feeling but Paragliding is amazing one with some technical knowledge. One should have zeal and passion to fly high to enjoy this sport.  Manali is spot of this activity because it has great picturesque in terms of natural beauty like; Mountains, Hills, lakes, river and green and fresh surrounding that make a suitable environment for Paragliding activity. You must have healthy position of your heart and breathe to enjoy Paragliding in Manali.

There are three types of Paragliding flights are described below:

1.   Tandem Joyride: It only played at Solang.
2.   Medium Tandem: it is played in Himachal zone.
3.   High Fly: In Himachal zone.

     Paragliding sport is not an easy game and one should have adopted some safety-measurement also to do this fun are as follows:

1.   It is advisable to bring along rough trousers-ankle support shoes and woolen clothing in term of shirts, trousers, gloves, mufflers, cap etc.
2.   You must have travel agent assured Para glider Pilot because it has risk to fly high with un-experienced one. It is recommended that you must hire an experienced Para glider pilot to enjoy this sport.
3.   You must have health certificate in terms of your healthy heart and breathe to enjoy this fun.
4.   Please consult your Doctor if you have any hereditary history of epilepsy, heart-complaints or any other serious medical ailments.
5.   Instructor of Paragliding activity should be able to determine the weather condition that it is suitable or not for Paragliding.
6.   In case of any mishap or accident, organization will not be held responsible.
If you are all set to enjoy the thrilling sport of Paragliding with an experienced Pilot in Manali then switch to Manali and enjoy the magical moment of Paragliding in Manali.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Enjoyable Camping in Himachal Pradesh
It is said that; “Himachal Pradesh is an abode of God”. Himachal lure is predominantly linked to three places in the popular mind. Shimla, the state capital, is the best known of the string of Hill stations established by the British in the Himalayan foothills. The Kullu valley with the town of Manali at its upper end first caught Nehru’s fancy and then gained notice as the summer heaven of the flower children. Dharamsala, chosen as the home in exile of his holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama in the 1960s, has grown in favor even as Tibetan Buddhism has acquired adherents among the rich and famous.
Camping is the best form of your holidays if anyone wants to free from mundane hustle and bustle of routine life; let’s move for camping in Himachal Pradesh.
Some favorable sites for camping in Himachal Pradesh are described below:-
  1. Kullu: Kullu is known as ‘The valley of Gods’. The Kullu valley begins at Aut on the northern end of the gorge in the Dhaula Dhar, cut by the river Beas at Larji, above Mandi. It offers the peaceful surrounding and a peace breathed into the mountains, trees, stars and streams by countless sages and ‘Rishees’ who came here to contemplate.
  2. Camping site at Raison: It is situated on Kullu-Manali road, about 13 km from Kullu. The site is an ideal one at an elevation of 1,433 meters for spending a quiet camping. On the gurgling banks of the Beas, there are fourteen wooden huts. A turf promenade stretches between the river and the huts. There are plenty of orchards in this part of the valley.
  3. Chail: The tiny hamlets of Chail near Shimla are a popular destination of Camping. Chail for a holiday provides everything dear to sports activities and other attractions. There is the Gaura River, silvered, and rich with superb trekking routes. The surroundings are the home of barking deer, wild fowl, pheasant and and different types of Ave's comprises the wildlife panorama. Several athletic and sporting events are held in the resort every year.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh can recharge you with full of energy and zeal in order to make your working capacity double strong.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Journey by Volvo from Delhi to Manali
Manali Volvo package from Delhi trip is just outstanding. If you want to have this feeling from Delhi then switch Manali Volvo package from Delhi. Manali is just 551 km from N of Delhi.
Prime Season to go: from April to September.
Getting There  
Air: Nearest airport is Bhuntar (50 km. /2 hrs.) Taxi charges Rs 1,000 to Manali.
Rail: Nearest railhead: Chandigarh (285 km/8 hrs.).
Road by Volvo/Bus: HPTDC’s bus from Janpath (Departure 6.30 pm; arrival 9.30 am) Or contact your travel agent.
Volvo is an excellent option. Comfy overnight Volvo services that cost Rs/800-1,000 go to Manali from Delhi’s. From Dharamsala, a volvo/Bus leaves at 4.30 am and another at 6 pm (Rs 167).
Journey by Volvo on Road from Delhi to Manali:
Manali  is just 523 km. from Delhi that takes 14 hour drive from Delhi. Many do the long drive by Volvo as, even once out of the plains, the highway moves comfortably across the valley floor. From Delhi, drive to Chandigarh and from Chandigarh, catch NH 21 till Manali. As you drive up into Manali’s market-place, the word ‘bustling’ immediately comes to mind. Every now and then an Israeli roars past on a dusty Bullet wearing a ‘Juley’ T-shirt, telling the world that he’s survived the Leh-Manali highway. Nepali porters scurry up and down the street with ropes swathed across their torsos, getting their trekking party organized.
The prefix ‘old’ distinguishes the original Manali from its two sister hills, Hadimba and Vashishtha; the three together make up make up the entity Manali. More importantly, the prefix ‘old’ distinguishes rustic Manali from New Manali or Model Town. The geographical divide between the two is the Manalsu tributary, which cuts the town horizontally before entering the Beas opposite Vashishtha, on the left bank of the Manalsu. 
NH21 from Kullu runs through Manali, ending in the Mall, which in turn ends at Nehru Park. The tourist office is just short of Nehru Park, on the Mall. Most of Manali between the highway and the Beas River to your right is protected reserve forest, save for the stretch along the Mall. Here, the market sprawls along both sides of the highway. The Bus stop and Manu market punctuate the Mall. Budget lodges and guest houses are a dime a dozen in the packed streets to the east of the Mall, which is it lined with lodges, restaurants and shops. The better hotels and some excellent cafes lie along and beyond circuit house road leading North-West from Nehru Park, towards the Log Huts Area and the bridge across the Manalsu to Old Manali. From Nehru Park, the road continues across the Beas. Once across, you are in a vast area collectively called Left Bank. Turn left and you are on the Leh highway to Vashishtha, Palchan, Solang and Rohtang Pass. Turn right and you are on the Naggar highway to Aleo and Prini, also with their own set of hotels!
It will be fabulous to go Manali by Volvo from Delhi. So; why are you getting late just book a ticket to Manali by Volvo/Bus with ManaliVolvo package from Delhi.